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Bjorg Dunlop

In Memorium

Dear SFL/SFH family,

We have lost our North Star. Our Norwegian Marine. Our heart and soul of our program for so many, many years. Bjorg Dunlop passed peacefully, late in the afternoon of March 7, 2017. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

For those who are newer to the program, Bjorg WAS Ski for Light. In all shapes and sizes. While NEPA was her home, she was a familiar face at the New England Regional, among others, and it was VERY rare for her to miss an International program. Within the Sons of Norway community, she was a great advocate for the program, never ceasing to talk about her adventures in efforts to recruit new guides and participants to the programs. Her no-nonsense attitude while out doing an activity, whether it be skiing a 10K or hiking the trails at LOV, meant that you needed to keep up or be left in the dust! She had a way of getting the best out of whomever she was teamed up with, usually without the partner even realizing it until after the fact.

Bjorg was a true Norwegian. She loved her family and friends, lived to be outdoors, and was too stubborn to let the beginnings of her illness keep her from the New England Regional program.

We have lost a great friend, guide, inspirational leader. May she rest in peace.

-Written by Joan Chelsen

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Sports for Health 2017


Sports for Health 2017 will also be held at Land of the Vikings from July 23-30, 2017. Activities include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, tandem biking, swimming (pool), horseback riding (additional cost), pistol shooting/marksmanship. Yes, both the sighted guides and visually impaired participants use a standard pistol with live ammo. Evening activities include board games, trivia, dancing, sing-a-longs, and the no-talent Talent Show at the end of the week. All are invited to participate. For more info, see the Contact Us page.

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